German Officer Dress Dagger

Made by E. & F. Hoerster Solingen


About two years ago, I was at a local gunshow and I ran across a booth that was selling German artifacts. One of the artifacts was a German Officer Dress Dagger similar to the one pictured on this page.

It was fascinating to say the least.

I could not afford the price asked for this World War II relic and settled for a couple of cheap Chinese imitations to take home.

A few weeks ago, while visiting a consignment shop in Covington, I happened upon the German dagger pictured on this page.

The price was a bit too high for my pocketbook, but it sat in the back of my mind and I thought of it often.

This past weekend I went to a local gunshow and ran across three fellows selling German daggers of various quality and each gave me differing opinions of what was considered a good buy, or even what to look for in cheap imitations.

Today, I again took a drive across the lake to Covington and the dagger was still available. Two other prospective buyers were also interested in it including one who collects German artifacts.

I decided that the dagger would make me a nice Christmas present, and a nice investment.

I bought it.

After getting home, I found a setting I had not previously known about on my digital that allowed me some extreme close-ups.

The images below and on the next page are the results of that new camera setting.



Image of German Officer Dress Dagger and Scabbard.

This is an E. & F. Hoerster Solingen maker marked dagger.

The blade is in bright, near mint condition with no defects.

The scabbard shows signs of light routine use, with some minor wear at the tip.


Yellow-orange grip and nice clean fittings, including the pommel and crossguard, seen here.


Detail of crossguard and lower portion of grip.


Detail of pommel showing some wear near top.


More detail of crossguard and upper portion of scabbard.


Reverse of handle showing additional detail as well as a couple of small chips in yellow-orange grip as well as some moderate wear on the crossguard.


Scabbard and matching attaching clip.


Close up of bottom of scabbard showing some normal wear.


Dagger, removed from scabbard, showing clean blade with little visible wear.


Close up detail showing the E. & F. Hoerster Solingen maker mark imprinted into dagger blade.


German Officer Dress Dagger, Page #2

German NSDAP Pin



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